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Scola LMS

Scola is a modular learning management software suite for educational institutions with a focus on efficient and effective delivery of educational services.

Scola transforms the way education is delivered, delivering operational excellence and efficiency, leveraging technology to deliver unprecedented student and faculty engagement, as well as opportunities for long term growth and sustainability.

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Scola Features

Core Module

Manages educational programs, courses, classes, and admin functions, including access to staff, student, and admissions portals. Scola uses the latest technologies enabling mobile access and a seamless user experience. Read More


Virtual classrooms to enable online learning in a user-friendly web and mobile interface, supporting video, audio, and chat as well moderation features allowing effective lecturing online using a virtual blackboard. Read More

Live Lecture Streaming

Record and stream live lectures online, including course lectures, laboratory demonstrations, seminars, conferences etc. for live viewing and on-demand playback. Read More

Web Content

Manages website content of all departments, faculty, and administrative units within your school community in a decentralized manner enabling easier creation of content online, making website changes, updating pictures, etc. Read More


Create an online bookshop enabling e-publishing and merchandising of academic materials such as Books, Monographs, Journals, Festschrifts, etc. produced by staff, departments, and faculties of your school community. Read More

CBT Examiner

Enable computer-based-testing for students and other test takers, leveraging on face recognition technology in real time to verify the integrity of exams and reduce burden of human invigilation. Read More